Leaked 2015 LEGO sets

Who needs celebrity nudes…. today, something REALLY HOT was leaked: Pictures of upcoming 2015 LEGO sets.

We see some details of a new upcoming series, called CLASSIC, which seems to be very simple, like “back to the roots”.
Further one set that gets me really excited, “CREATOR Toy and Grocery Store” which will be also a small version of the modular buildings like this year´s CREATOR bike shop (which is used for this shot)

LEGO Creator – Toy and Grocery Store

There will be new architecture sets, above all the famous Flatiron Building in New York. It looks nice, though I personally am not a really huge fan of the architecture series.

Flatiron Building NYC

Of course, there will be a lot of new sets from the FRIENDS series, and a whole new series called ELVES, which is similar to the DISNEY PRINCESS sets, a fantasy theme adressed primarly to girls (and I don´t care if you think that it´s sexist). Some of them look like really nice builds, I still wish they would combine it with classic minifigs.

Animal Hospital
Frozen – Ice Castle

The leaked pictures of the Technic sets look very promising. The boxes look elegant and simple, continuing the strategy that these are more and more adressed to adults too. For me, the strategy works with the Le Mans Racer. I´m really looking forward to the first masterbuilders that will customize RC controls in it.

Dump Truck
Le Mans Prototype

The CITY theme keeps on releasing police sets, looks like next years main focus will be in the swamps of Florida. Finally i can shoot a legolized version of the famous CSI intro!

Swamp Pursuit
Swamp Hut

There are also coming some new construction site sets which will be apparently more like de-contruction sets, including a huge demolition pear and lots of dynamite. Miley Cyrus sends her regards!

I came in like a wrecking ball
Loo Transporter

The ULTRA AGENTS, CHIMA and NINJAGO themes are still growing, a huge number of new sets with great special parts and a lot of minifigures to collect will be released next year.

4×4 Agent Patrol
Ice Mech-Bot

We already the rumors, and these leaked pictures can confirm: the PIRATES will return to LEGO universe! And handful of sets will revive the endless fight between pirates and soldiers, back in the 80ies this was my favourite theme.

Shipwreck Defense

There is also a picture of a medium sized pirate ship, I am not sure if this is the announced “Brick Bounty” or of there will be a bigger set, maybe an UCS? I better start saving some money anyway.

Pirate´s Ship

Next year´s STAR WARS models will finally show the Disney Logo on the boxes, most sets seem to be from the “REBEL” series. I´m very happy to see a continuation of the MICROFIGHTERS, those are great collectibles and little gifts for the kids.

Imperial Troop Transport
TIE Advanced Prototype

With a total of 112 sets leaked, this may show a huge part of the 2015 product range.  Not sure what they kept secret, but I´m sure that LEGO still has some surprises for use in the next year.

Looks like this pictures are seriously sensible data and LEGO puts great efforts on muting the distribution. To avoid prosecution by minifig lawyers i decided to delete the pictures from my gallery, I really don´t want to have any problems.
The pictures where also deleted from the original leak at imgur, but they are still viewable on googlecache.


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